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  • 2010.04



進化や絶滅と生物多様性はどのような関係なのか? メディアに溢れる「生物多様性を守れ」という言葉への違和感を出発点に、環境保護論から距離を置いた企画を提案。カタめの内容だからこそ、カーソル連動型疑似3Dによるおもしろ表現を組み合わせました。

What is biodiversity?

What is the relationship between evolution and extinction? Our starting point was the slogan "we should protect the biodiversity" we see very often on media. We tried to keep distance from environmentalist point of view, and pursue the question "what is biodiversity?" We aimed entertaining way to show the rather serious content, including pseudo-3D effect.